Advanced Dynamic Content

Boost engagement with personalised content for improved cut through and increased conversions.
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Take your personalisation to the next level

Use Advanced Dynamic Content to boost engagement with your audience. Whether you choose age, location, gender, job title or something else you can customise your campaign and increase cut through.

With Advanced Dynamic Content you can create sophisticated campaigns with ease, based on custom fields within your dataset.
The simple builder makes it easy for you to create targeted campaigns and view each variant, so you are in complete control of the send.
Cut through cluttered inboxes with personalisation at a whole new level with Advanced Dynamic Content.

Boost engagement 

Your subscribers are not all the same. So why treat them the same when it comes to email marketing? 

Don't get stuck in a rut

If your engagement rates are starting to decline or you are stuck in the rut of sending the same copy to all your contacts, dynamic content could be the answer you are looking for. Easily bring relevance and increased engagement using information that you already have. Watch your conversions increase as you speak directly to your audience in their language. 


Reduce unsubscribes

Keep your audience engaged and looking forward to hearing from you

Keep a healthy distribution list

By talking to your audience in their language they will be confident that you have something worthwhile to say.  And increased relevance means reduced unsubscribes.

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