Our accelerator programme is designed to help you discover high impact, low complexity ways to improve your digital marketing and smash you goals for 2019! Join us for a selection of webinars on: 

  • Strategy & Targeting: 15th or 30th January
  • Automated Series: 17th  January or 4th  February
  • Date-Driven Campaigns: 22nd January or 6th February
  • Testing & Analytics: 24th January or 11th February

All of the above webinars can be browsed and added to your personal calendar simply by subscribing to our events calendar below.  

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Learn how marketing automation fits into your overall marketing strategy and a methodology for identifying high impact, low complexity ways to start using it.

Intelligent Targeting

Find out the best ways to segment and use your data based on behavioural, transactional, demographic and firmographic information.

Nurture Programmes

Using sequential communications to nurture leads, onboard and educate clients and prospects, re-engage cold leads or lost clients.

Triggered Campaigns

Contact your audience when they are already engaged through tactical use of remarketing and auto-responders. Give them the right message at exactly the right time.

Analytics & Tracking

Tracking performance and ROI, spotting opportunities and learning more about the customer journey from marketing and website data.

 Live Training Days:

As well as our webinars you can also opt to attend one our live training days at our office. To register for our live sessions please RSVP below. Places are limited: 

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The learning programme is free to current clients, but places are limited. If you are interested in a full consultancy package whereby we work with you on a one to one basis and set up, please indicate this on the form.

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Take your marketing to the next level with our 6 week programme. Generate more leads from your website visitors. Find more business in your existing database. Make sure everyone who expresses an interest in your products and services is followed up with comprehensively.